What Christmas is

Christmas is saturnalia which is a pagan celebration of the sun god Saturn. Which included all kinds of sexual sin, drunkenness and even human sacrifice to the sun god. This is what Christmas roots are connected to and what you open yourself to when you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. Christmas lights represent the sun god worship. Christmas trees and or branches represent fertility and have always been used in pagan winter solstice and spring festivals. So much paganism and the Christmas season is sexual connected. Also pagans worship trees, they believe life comes from them, they honor them. That’s why they honor trees but still commit abortion murder. Wreaths represent fertility, they are Pagan and are a form of witchcraft. Each of these carry spells and curses, When you hang one on a door you were telling the spirit world of witchcraft you are welcome here. Pagans believed by hanging wreaths it would keep away wrong spirits but the facts are the invite them in. Holly and mistletoe represents friendship and sex, which is from pagan traditions and rituals. Christmas is the winter solstice which was a sexual orgy party were anything is permitted even sex with children, yuk!!! Think of all the lies children are told and all the pagan witchcraft of magic they are taught, imparted into them. By teaching them Christmas you are teaching them to believe in magic and witchcraft. When you say merry Christmas you are releasing magic spells and witchcraft unto and into the person. Wow! Some of the lies: 1 Santa 2 comes down a chimney. 3 flying reindeer. 4 Santa knows if your good or bad. 5 North Pole, were Santa lives, represents a magical place. 6 magical wife. 7 presents come from Santa Claus. 8 then there’s the tooth fairy. So all these and more no wonder when they grow up and you tell them the truth they are heart broken, faith goes out the door and discouragement, disappointment and unbelief enters so when you tell them about a supernatural loving Heavenly Father Yahweh they laugh and don’t believe it because you already destroyed there faith with all your lies and deception, Satan’s master plan. Did you know that Christmas was outlawed in this country for a number of years but because of man’s sin and wanting to party little by little it came back. The 1st police force was hired in New York city during the winter solstice because of the wild sexual activity and drunkenness and evil people did during this time we call Christmas. So when you celebrate Christmas this is what you are celebrating and opening yourself and your children to: pagan witchcraft of magic with all its spells and sexual sin. No wonder people are so sexual today and so screwed up. It’s time to repent and renounce all of this in the power of his name even most of us did so unknowingly. This is why Yahweh said learn not the ways of the nation’s. Jeremiah 10:2-4, Deuteronomy 18:9 Psalm 106:35 nlt. Yahweh knew the evil and darkness it would create in our life and society. But man did not listen, will you?

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