The sign/Mark of YHWH

Ezekiel 20:20 Hallow my sabbaths and they shall be a sign or Mark or proof or evidence between me and you that you know that I am YHWH your Elohim.

Ezekiel 20:12 Moreover I gave them my sabbaths to be a sign or Mark or proof or evidence between me and them that they might know that I am YHWH who sanctify or seperates them.

Revelation 9:4 It was commanded them that they should NOT HURT the grass on the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree but only those men which have NOT THE SEAL OF YHWH in their foreheads. (Seal in Hebrew is OTE which means seal, mark, proof, evidence). Obeying YHWH’S laws and commandments, his feasts, his sabbaths is who YHWH will seal or Mark with his seal and his name is written in their foreheads. Why? Because the Torah is at the forefront of their thoughts and lifestyle. The proof that they serve YHWH is evident in their obedience to YHWH’S laws and commandments. It is the proof that they belong to Him, it’s the proof that they are born from above and they follow YHWH Yahshua. When you don’t obey YHWH’S laws and commandments and you don’t keep his sabbaths it is also proof that you serve the anti Messiah, the lawless one. He is all about disobedience to YHWH’S laws and commandments. And you will be marked or sealed as his the evil one. Not a good thing but you can repent and come to YHWH and start living according to his instructions or his commandments as Yahshua did.

Exodus 13:9 And it (passover and unleavened bread which are sabbaths of YHWH) will be a SIGN/MARK/PROOF) will be as a sign on your hand and as a memorial between your eyes so that the law of YHWH will be in your mouth… you will keep this statute at its appointed time year to year. Obeying his word, his Torah, his sabbaths is proof that we are in Yahshua and that we have the sign of YHWH and that we are in him. Anyone can say they serve YHWH but only those who keep his sabbaths, his Torah, his instructions are those who really serve him. Do you? If so be encouraged, if not call upon him, repent and start today. As you do he will seal you as His. And as this world goes crazy you can have peace that you belong to him. Just like Israel who were instructed to put the passover Lambs blood over their doorways and stay inside were sealed with his protection as you obey his passover sabbaths and live according to YHWH’S instructions you too will be sealed with his name and marked do not touch they are mine, even in this demonic world of lawlessness. Shalom! Serve YHWH not the anti Messiah, not the anti Torah lawless one. It’s your choice. You are either marked by YHWH as his when you obey and live accordingly or you are marked by hasatan as his as you are lawless and you serve your self pleasures and the lusts of this world by hasatan, it’s your choice. Please choose YHWH!

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