Renouncing Familiar spirits

Read Isaiah 19:3, 1 Samuel 28:8, Acts 16:16-18, Levitcus 19:31, Levitcus 20:6. 1 John 1:9, John 10:10, Matthew 10:1,8. I declare that Yahshua is my Messiah and he has washed me in his blood and has forgiven me of all known and unknown sin. He took all my sin and all my sickness and all my disease and every work of the curse upon his body when he substituted himself for me on the tree of calvary and on the basis of the power of the work of the tree on Calvary and my receiving him as my Messiah and savior I am a new creation and old things have passed away and his power is making all things new. I declare that greater is he who is in me then he that is in the world. I am covered by the blood of Yahshua and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. So I renounce Satan and any allegiances to him and the powers of Darkness, I renounce his lies and deceptions that I once believed, I renounce the ways of the world system in the power of Yahshua’s name. I renounce witchcraft and any involvement that I have had with witchcraft and familiar spirits in the name of Yahshua. I renounce all Marine spirits and spirit husbands or Spirit wives and I divorce you as I renounce you in the name of Yahshua hamashiach. He and his Holy Spirit are the only ones permitted and invited into my dreams as I sleep in the night season and to minister to me. I renounce all involvement with the Marine Kingdom, things I unknowingly or even knowingly got involved in. I declare my night season and my dreams belong to Yahshua and his kingdom and all Intruders are hereby rebuked and cancelled and bound and rendered powerless off my life as I command you to go back to the pit and never to return to me in the authority of Yahshua’s name. I renounce any involvement in the occult, in drugs, in drunkenness and in sexual sin, and in perversion and lust in Yahshua’s name. I close all demonic doors that the enemy has had access to concerning my life and I asked Father Yahweh to place an angel at the entrance points of my life and to keep the enemy from coming in, in Yahshua’s name. I renounce all demonic music, all idolatry and false religion and paganism and any other open doors that I have opened to the works of darkness because of my lawlessness and sin and transgressions in Yahshua’s name. Every sin, every iniquity, every transgression that I or my family has been guilty of we renounce it and ask you Father to forgive us and to break the curse that has been upon our families because we broke your laws and Commandments. We cover our bloodline with the blood of the Messiah the Passover Lamb and we thank you there we are a new creation created and grafted in to your kingdom. We ask you empower us to obey your laws and commandments, we thank you Yahweh for forgiving us and breaking Every curse upon us and for closing every door that the enemy has had access to in the power of your name. Every familiar spirit and every monitoring spirit that has been operating against me and against my family is now rebuked, cancelled and bound off of us and every access point this spirit has had to our lives is closed in the power of Yahweh’s name and through the blood of the Passover Lamb, we are redeemed from you and we command you to restore all that you have stolen from us and our family Sevenfold in the authority of Yahweh’s name through his son Messiah Yahshua! I would suggest any specific things you were involved in that you renounce them and the open doors that your involvement into that sin opened to the enemy. Put that sin and lawlessness under the blood of the Passover Lamb. Ask him to assign an angel to those doorways or access points to keep them closed against the wicked one and if the enemy would try to re-enter they would be cut down and destroyed by the power of Yahweh’s name just as David came against Goliath in the power of Yahweh’s name and slew him. Live according to the scriptures, according to YHWH’S laws and commandments in the power of Yahweh’s name!

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