It’s not just about information!

It’s not just about information biblically, its about how that truth, information is changing your life and lifestyle. Many people know about adult and fornication but they still keep fornicating and yet they think they are saved and a believer. Many people know about YHWH’S name but still use titles or names that connect them to pagan idols such as lord, god etc. Many people know about the set apart Sabbath, YHWH’S Sabbath but they keep Constantines sun god worship day instead. So it’s not just about information but its about how you allow that information/truth to penetrate your heart and set you apart and change you and your lifestyle. When we started to hear and see this truth we received it and allowed it to penetrate our ministry, our lives and change us, set us apart from breaking his laws and commandments to obeying them, to keeping the Sabbath, to stop meeting on the 1st day and started to meet as a body of believers on the 7the day the Sabbath. We stopped using the name jesus and called our Messiah by his given Hebrew name Yahshua, we stopped using the names/titles such as lord god and called the Father by his name YHWH. Information that is given to a right heart will lead to repentance or a change in lifestyle. Information given to just a religious heart will effect no repentance, no lifestyle change. All it will do is puff you up with intellectual knowledge. See Matthew 7:21-23 What matters is if you are obeying YHWH’S commandments and will from a repentant heart! So which one are you? One with intellectual knowledge only or one that received it and allowed it to penetrate your heart so it’s now within you, is changing you? Shalom Pastor/Elder Mark Pulley Yahweh Yahshua Assembly

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