Another gospel!

The first thing we need to establish is what is the gospel? In the book of Acts chapter 4 verse 29 says, Yahweh, pay attention to their threats now, allow us to speak your word boldly. Show your power by healing, performing Miracles, and doing amazing things through the power and the name of your holy servant Yahshua. The first believers were focused on Yahwehs word which are his laws and Commandments. Just think about it there was no Book of Matthew Mark Luke or John and there was no Book of Romans or Colossians or Galatians all they had were what we call the Old Testament or YAHWEH’S laws and Commandments through His prophets and that is the word in which not only did Yahshua preach this as well as releasing Yahwehs power to heal and perform amazing miracles. But our focus in this study is on the word in which the first believers preached and that was they continued the Messiah’s ministry in establishing and continuing the laws and Commandments or the Torah of his Father. And that is what today’s Ministry is to be all about as well as releasing Yahweh’s power to heal and perform amazing miracles and setting the captives free. For the believer the way to accomplish healing and health and to live in the blessing of Yahweh is to be willing to follow and keep his Commandments or his Torah. The answer and the Breakthrough for many people needs and miracles are that they need to start learning and obeying the gospel, the Torah and as they do Miracles will flow. When you read about obeying Yahweh’s Commandments there is always a condition and a promise if you obey them. An example of this is in Exodus chapter 15:26 if you will diligently listen to the voice of Yahweh and do what is right in his sight, and will give ear to his Commandments and keep all his statues ( the condition) I will put none of these diseases upon you which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am Yahweh that heals you. If you need healing the answer is Yahshua and obeying his laws and Commandments. In the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 if you want the blessing of Yahweh in every area of your life the answer is found in verse 1 and verse 2 and it’s the same answer . Obey his Commandments . Listen for his voice and be willing to obey him . Then and only then will you receive the Breakthrough or the Miracles you need and many of us have never heard this part of the Gospel because most of the church doesn’t preach it and doesn’t live it all they want are the promises and are not willing to be obedient to his laws and Commandments, the Torah. Romans 10:8 says the word of faith which we preach. This is a quote from the book of Deuteronomy and if you are preaching the word of faith and it does not include obeying the Torah then you are not preaching the word of faith because the context all of the word of faith where that scripture was quoted from was all talking about obeying the commandments. See Deuteronomy 30:10-20. The gospel includes obeying Yahwehs laws and commandments, his Torah, his instructions. Anything short of this is another gospel. In Matthew 5: 17 – 19 says don’t ever think that I came to set aside Moses teachings ( the laws and commandments) or the prophets. I did not come to set them aside but to make them come true. I can guarantee this truth until the earth and the heavens disappear, neither a period Nor a comma will disappear from the scriptures before everything has come true. So whoever sets aside any command it seems unimportant and teaches others to do the same will be unimportant in the Kingdom of Heaven but whoever does and teaches what the commands say will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.🤔 we see out of the mouth of the Messiah that he said that the Torah would not pass away until Heaven and earth passes away. We see that the Messiah said that the Torah has not ceased to exist and that all those that teach that the Torah has passed away or that you do not need to obey it is considered least in the Kingdom and that whoever teaches as well as obeys the Torah is considered great🤔. That is the Messiah’s thoughts on the subject☺! And that is the truth on the subject and anything else that is being taught is a lie and is by the father of Lies.

Galatians 1:8 but even if we or an angel from heaven should preach another gospel other than the one we preach to you let them be accursed. Paul is saying that if anyone preaches anything outside of the Torah that Yahweh will curse that individual. Now the Torah alone does not save anybody. Salvation comes through the blood of the Passover Lamb Yahshua hamashiach the Messiah but because of our salvation we press into obeying the Torah because we are saved and anointed and called to his purpose we are willing to obey the Torah. It’s like you get saved and then you get out the owners instruction manual which is the Torah, to learn how you should live your life as a believer in Messiah. Without the Passover Lambs blood obeying the Torah will only make you religious it will not get you saved but when you are saved and he write his laws and Commandments upon your heart that’s the proof you have salvation and then you learn to live according to those laws and Commandments. If you have been taught anything else you have been taught inaccurate which most of us have Been taught inaccurate. 2nd Corinthians 11: 4 says, if someone comes to you preacing another Yahshua other than the Yahshua we preached or if you receive another spirit, which you have not received or another gospel, which you have not accepted… verse 13 for such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Messiah. So if any person who claims to be a minister of the Gospel and says that you do not need to live by the laws and Commandments of Yahweh because the Messiah done away with them this minister is either ignorant and has not been taught the truth or he is totally a false apostle or a false minister seeking his own purpose and a pawn in the enemies schemes. So in conclusion the gospel is believing in and receiving Yahshua not Jesus but Yahshua which is the Messiahs Hebrew name given to him by Yahweh as Yahweh gave it to the angel Gabriel to give to Yahshua’s earthly parents. And then the next step is to start and to keep on learning what the Torah is and how to learn to walk by faith in being willing to obey the Torah in your everyday life and to be willing to make the necessary changes to follow his instructions and not world worlds instructions. As you receive the Messiah, Yahweh’s Spirit comes within you and empowers you to obey his laws and Commandments as well as to be empowered with the same power that raised Messiah from the dead so you can be his witness not only that you live by the Torah and keep his Commandments but that you have his healing power through the power of His Spirit to heal the sick, to raise the Dead, to deliver the demonized in the power of his name. This is the gospel which we preach, which Yahshua preached, which the 1st believers preached according to the scriptures, according to my understanding of those scriptures. May all of our eyes be opened to the Hebraic scriptures so we can see clearly and understand accurately the gospel. The gospel is not what most of us have been taught. We have gone so far from Yahweh’s commandments even in the church, that’s why much of the church acts like, participates in worldly dress, music, talk, commits sexual sin and it doesn’t even bother them, has many friends who are in darkness, who compromise many things just for friends, money, social things etc etc etc. It’s time to study the word, YHWH’S laws and commandments and to repent and obey them by faith and if you fail just repent and renounce your sin and keep studying until the power of the word removes your desire for sin/self pleasure in the power of his name! If you do what he says to do, sin will become less and less if you do it not thru your head but thru the power of YHWH’S Spirit. One more thing I’d like to share and that is many of us even though it was ignorantly we have preached another gospel, another Jesus if you will. One that does not line up with the Torah and even though this was ignorantly or through a lack of knowledge because we were not taught accurately it still does not justify or excuse our actions. The scripture says the one guilty of this will experience the curse or some form of curse upon their life. Have you ever wondered why with all the teaching we’ve had concerning the blessing we haven’t seem to experience it the way the Torah promises and I believe it’s because at least in part of us preaching another gospel. One that was not in line with the Hebrew scriptures. In Hosea 4:6 Yahweh said my people will perish for a lack of knowledge… since you have forgotten the Torah of your Elohim, I will forget your son’s, even I. Because we have straight away even though it was ignorantly from the Torah we have been suffering negative consequences but the good news is that we can be delivered, forgiven and restored through the power of the Passover Lambs blood. Heavenly Father we asked you to forgive us for ignorantly preaching another gospel and we renounce it and we renounce everything connected to this other gospel which is not in line with your Torah and which is not the gospel Yahshua’s preached and the first Believers preached. We ask you to break any curse off our lives because of our sin and destroy it off our lives, restore us and anoint us to preach your Torah, your instructions with your miracle power to set people free in the power of his name!

Mark Pulley Yahweh Yahshua Assembly

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