Binding the thief

Matthew 16:19

John 10:10

Psalm 91

Malachi 3:8-11

The thief who is Satan and his demonic cursed ways and systems are always trying to kill steal or destroy from you and they will succeed unless you rise up and take authority over them with your faith, obedience and spiritual authority Yahshua the Messiah has given you. It’s up to you to deal with the thief and bind him and as you do Yahweh binds him. But if you don’t he is free to steal from you.

James 4:7

1John 2:6

Love and obey his laws and commandments and you will be hidden in his secret place and the thief won’t be able to find you to steal from you.

Use your faith and authority.

Luke 10:17-19

Acts 16:16-18

Mark 11:14 in response Yahshua said to it. And verses 20-25

Psalm 121:1-8

Exodus 13:21-22

The thief comes to us all but let us give him no opportunity to enter into our hearts and lives and we can do this by binding him off our lives and by using our Yahweh given faith, authority and obedience to His laws and commandments in Yahshua’s name to defeat him and to build a undestroyable wall of Yahweh’s secret place protection over and around our lives, homes, things, marriage, family, health, finances etc in Yahshua’s name! We too have a cloud by day and fire by night protecting us in Yahshua’s name!

Psalm 149

Be obedient to his laws and commandments and use your faith and authority to stop the thief off your life, family, marriage, health, finances and nation etc. He has empowered you to obey as well as to bind the thief now it’s wether you will do it. Start were you are at or if you let this understanding slip from you pick it back up and attack in Yahshua’s name! Live his commandments, use your faith and authority to bind the thief in Yahshua’s name!

Pastor Mark Pulley
Church at the Beach

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