Making all things new

2nd Corinthians 5:17 therefore if any is in Christ he is a new creation and old things have passed away and all things of become new.

Revelation 21:1-8

He promised to make all things new. So on the basis of those promises and on the basis of the blood of Jesus and the righteousness of Christ and that we are in Christ and the enemy has no legal rights to our life any longer we declare all things being made new in our life in Jesus name. New help, New vision, New site, New wealth, new Hope, New spirit, New soul, any Organs in our body that are not functioning the way God created them to function I declare new life into you in Jesus name. Whatever circumstances and situations you may find yourself in begin to declare all things being made new. All things include your marriage, you’re relationship with your children, financial, health, ministry, anointing, outreach, or whatever else you may need all things are being made new in the name of Jesus!

In these versus of scripture the key word in both of them is the word all things being made new. He did not limit it to just your spirit when he said all things become new. The Holy Spirit and his power can create you a new marriage or new body parts or new finances or new prosperity or a new ministry or a new vision for your life or a new better quality relationship with your children or family members, new favor. We’re there has been a curse or a life where things are just very difficult that old life is passing away and a new life, a life of ease, a life of supernatural favor and blessing and Ease in Jesus name.

Through the blood of Jesus and through the power of the work of the Cross and through the courts of heaven a decree has been issued of not guilty by reason of the blood of Jesus and the work of the Cross and the judgment that was placed on the Lord Jesus on your behalf so receive all things being made new. Also declare not only that all things are being made new but that the enemy has no legal right to curse you not because of your work or actions but because of the righteous decree concerning the blood of Jesus that covers your life and concerning you are hidden in Christ and you are sheltered by Christ from the accusations of the evil one. So every door is now closed concerning the enemies access to your life in Jesus name. We are delivered from the powers of darkness and translated in the kingdom of his dear son and the wicked one touches you not in Jesus name! Declare this daily! The court of heaven has issued a decree that it has received the blood of Jesus for payment for your sin and you are acquitted! Not guilty! And the enemies legal access to your life and bloodline is now denied, cancelled and his rights are terminated in Jesus name forever! Declare this over your life, the decree has been issued be set free! HIS BLESSING IS NOW UPON YOU AND WILL OVER TAKE YOU IN JESUS NAME!

Pastor Mark Pulley
Church at the Beach

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