Youth Renewal 2

Don’t talk about all your aches and pains as you are getting older because that will be your confession and that is what will be reinforced in your life but instead talk and speak and confess God’s word and that your youth and your bodies are being rejuvenated by the power of the Holy Spirit and that you are energized and full of strength in Jesus name. Don’t accept the world’s systems View of old age which is sickness disease pain suffering difficulty and Financial starvation. But renew your mind to what God’s word says about the kind of life you can have as you grow older in Christ and that is a life that is renewed day by day going from strength to strength full of joy in living out to at least 120 years old enjoying your old age in Jesus name! The enemy knows that if he can get you to start talking about death and suffering in old age then he can make your life miserable before he kills you but if you talk about it confess and focus in on what God’s word says concerning old age his strategies and plans meaning the enemies will be defeated and you will live out your life full of strength and health and your body will be renewed and refreshed in Jesus name.

Remember according to Romans 10 8 through 10 that whatever you believe in your heart and you confess with your mouth it will be established in your life. So if you believe in the world system of old age and you speak it it will be so but if you believe what God’s word says about old age and agree with it and speak it that will be so. I encourage you to choose life and to agree with what God’s word says about old age even when you’re young in Jesus name!

Remember the scripture in the Book of Proverbs that says as a man thinks so is he. So we need to renew our minds to what God’s word says concerning old age. Old age is not a sentence of death but you can have and enjoy just as much life in old age as you did when you were young. When you were young everyday was exciting and full of fun and joy. Think about your life when you were a child and you were young all you were concerned about was enjoying life and playing with your friends and that’s what old age is all about enjoying life and having it till the fullness. Jesus came to give us life and to give it to us more abundantly so we receive the curse of death off of Our Lives broken in Jesus name and the fullness of life the Jesus came to give us flowing abundantly upon us and in US in Jesus name. We will not accept the world’s view of old age and we will not talk death or pain in our older age but we will Speak Life and we will talk about life and Liberty as we grow older in Jesus name. We will speak life into our bones in Jesus name. We will speak life into our memory and into our brain in Jesus name. I pray that you would be encouraged to walk in and to believe for your youth being renewed being refreshed being strengthened to live out your old age with new Strength and New Vision in Jesus name! He will perform the word that you believe and speak in Jesus name. Just as Abraham and Sarah received strength in their old age so can we in Jesus name it is part of The Blessing of Abraham that is yours claim it and believe it and speak it and it will be done. Mark 11:23 the curse of death on old age is broken now off of Our Lives in Jesus name! Moses’s Ministry did not start until his in his 80s and your ministry may not start until you’re older in age so just be encouraged in Jesus name.

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