Greater KingdomEffectiveness 2

All kinds of material electronic things shall be given to you in Jesus name. Where you have had to do things alone and beyond your ability people shall be given to you to help you and to assist you to cause the kingdom to come and God’s will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven and to make life and Ministry easier in Jesus name. Things that you have tried to accomplish for the kingdom and you have not have had much success she’ll be reversed and specific people shall be assigned to you to turn those situations around and to cause great success influence and effectiveness for the kingdom of God in Jesus name. Your name has not been known and your name has not been respected but that shall be reversed because of the blessing of Abraham and because of this word that I am sending to you to turn your situation and your ministry around to have great influence upon the Earth and to have great Effectiveness upon the Earth as you desired to build God’s Kingdom in Jesus name ! The days of struggling in Ministry are over. The days of doing things all by yourself and not knowing how to do it are over, assistance is on its way in Jesus name !

Being alone in Ministry and being unknown and being ineffective compared to what is in the heart of God is also part of the spirit of poverty. This spirit wants to keep you Limited and how much you can grow in reaching Souls and in ministering God’s word and it wants to keep people limited from receiving what God has for them. This spirit wants to keep you small and ineffective but the spirit of the Lord says no the spirit of poverty has no legal right to your life because you’re under the lordship of Jesus and because Christ has redeemed you from the spirit of poverty and he has released you into the kingdom of his dear son which has no poverty but has only abundance in Jesus name! So I declare the spirit of poverty that has kept me and our ministry small as well as others small broken in Jesus name and if the thief be caught he must repay Sevenfold. We claim that the Lord Jesus is avenging us and restoring us personally and restoring the ministry in which we are called 7 times greater to be more effective and to have a greater influence in the Earth and establishing God’s kingdom and God’s word in Jesus name !

John 15:16 I have ordained you to Bear much fruit …

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