1. Overcoming victory comes through the power of the work of the cross and faith in God’s word through the power of the Holy Spirit! Whatever area of your life that you need overcoming victory in it all starts with an understanding of what Jesus did on the cross for you. He not only took your sin and the effects of your sin and the punishment of your sin but he took your sickness and your disease as well so that by his stripes you could be healed. Then he provided for you everything in this earth that you would ever need and how you access it is by finding out what God has promised you in his word and then mixing your faith in what he says concerning your spiritual life, your financial life and your health and your family etc. Then you begin to believe it whatever he says about your life and through the power of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit Will begin to create God’s word and the Victory of God’s word in every aspect of your life as you speak God’s word in faith over your life in Jesus name!

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